Hey there love, I'm Sarah 

I live in Roswell, Georgia just north of Atlanta where you can find me interning as a PR specialist, making coffee as a barista, writing music, or updating my blog. My closet is primarily full of black lace and leather, graphic tees, and a variety of black shoes. In my house you will find giant mandala tapestries, delicious scented candles, and dozens of tiny cacti and tropical plants. There is a 90% chance I have a chai latte in my hand and a journal in my bag. Every day I am inspired by the world around me – wildflower fields, beautiful architecture, waterfalls & rivers, artwork, music,  and strong, powerful women. 

Through blogging, I aspire to inspire. My goal is to help women realize the power of their femininity as well as encourage girls to love and support each other. It is so important to recognize that other women are not your competition. It is true that envy is the thief of joy, so by stripping yourself of those negative thoughts, you will have a moment of clarity where you realize that through building a support network of women, you can accomplish anything and fulfill your dreams.