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urban jungles & desert dreams

urban jungles & desert dreams

How to create your own beautiful and calming space. 

In today's demanding and bustling society we are constantly faced with the stress that we and others place upon ourselves. We are constantly on the go, filling our days with endless responsibilities and tasks, so we rarely take the time to simply sit still and breathe. In a world loaded with expectations that need to be met and molds to conform to, we often lose ourselves and our senses of individuality. At the end of a long and tiring day, we always ultimately return to the same place – our bedroom. This room should be the single place you feel most comfortable and free to be who you are without judgement. The walls of your bedroom protect you from wild storms, your bed holds and comforts you late at night when you cry yourself to sleep, your mirrors see you when you look absolutely beautiful (and when you ain't lookin' so hot), your windows allow sun to flow in and bring you light to see. You should cherish this wonderful space you live in and thank it for all it does for you by making it a space you are proud of. A space that you want to spend time in and a space that will bring you peace and tranquility. Here are my favorite decoration tips for a beautiful and calming space. 

1. Bring nature indoors by decorating with house plants. Plants are a lovely addition to any room not only because they look great, but because they actually purify the air. They also add varying textures to the space and add calming green pops of color. Above is a photo of my favorite spot in my room. I love cracking open the window in the morning and sitting down with my journal or a book and a hot cup of coffee. The fresh air, sunshine, plants, and himalayan salt lamps create a peaceful environment that is special and sacred to me. 

2. Decorate with a base of neutral, earthy tones and add pops of color. My bedroom is painted an off-white shade with white and grey bedding and mostly white furniture. However, I absolutely love my side table that adds a lovely pop of sky blue and is topped with a gold gumball desk lamp and cactus. 

3. Immerse your room in soothing scents with candles & incense. My current obsession is the Wild Aloe Herbal Candle from Urban Outfitters. Smell is the most powerful sense, so make sure to keep your room smelling pleasant and relaxing! 

4. Fill up your shelves with the things you love. I have a beautiful painting by my sister, red carnations from mine and my boyfriend's one year anniversary, a painted skull from a trip I took to Mexico, dried babies breath from various bouquets I've received over the years, my favorite books and perfumes, a box of old letters and journals...the list goes on and on! And don't be afraid of a little clutter. If anything, avoid spaces looking too bare. 

5. Garnish your room with positive messages and good vibes! 'Nuff said. 


6. Keep your blinds drawn and windows open as much as possible to allow fresh air and sunlight to flood in. And when the sun goes down, turn on cool lighting like dainty fairy lights,  Edison bulbs, Himalayan Salt Lamps, and Candles. If you want to have some fun you can play around with black lights for a fluorescent alternative. 


7. Hang up artwork and photographs that remind you of happy memories, wonderful people, or beautiful places. I love waking up surrounded by the faces of people I love, destinations I hope to travel to, and dreams I hope to achieve.    

8. Don't be afraid to experiment. Move things around until things seem to flow and fit together. Pull up an old piece of furniture that's been hiding in storage for years and paint it. I've had my blue side table since I was an infant, and it used to be an ugly cream color until I transformed it into a lovely new piece. Take the time to honor your space. By honoring your space, you honor yourself and by loving your space, you love yourself. 

fresh start

fresh start