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fresh start

fresh start

After several blog-less months due to an over-loaded schedule and lack of inspiration, I am finally back up and running with a brand new website. Welcome to For Leather and Lace. 

Between starting a new internship with a PR agency, getting a job as a barista at my favorite local coffee shop, and being less than a week away from entering a new year of life (happy early bday to me), it seems to be a time for a fresh start and maybe a bit of change. 

Since I am required to dress in business casual attire for my new job, I have recently made some modifications to my wardrobe which include new pumps, blazers, and blouses. When dressing professionally I refuse to sacrifice my personal style (which up until this point has leaned far more towards grungy, late-60s-meets-90s than chic, business casual).

In order to maintain my sense of self-expression through fashion, I like to add a bit of edge to my work looks. All black is my go-to (obviously), but it's also fun to pop a band tshirt underneath a pant suit or rock some bright colored heels with dark jeans and a denim shirt. Dressing professionally by no means requires looking like a frumpy middle-aged mom. Below is an outfit I wore last week. Simple and chic in all black with a touch of edge thanks to my American Apperal Disco Pants.

fresh start (1)
fresh start (7)
fresh start (2)
fresh start (10)
fresh start (8)

Let me know in the comments your favorite look to wear to work! 

first impression: naked heat

first impression: naked heat

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