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atlanta high fashion | bridal

atlanta high fashion | bridal

This past August I had the incredible opportunity to work as a wardrobe assistant at the first ever ATLANTA HIGH FASHION | BRIDAL: A Runway and Concert Benefit Event and experience the behind-the-scenes of a fashion show. First and foremost, I have a newfound appreciation for the immense amount of effort that goes into planning and organizing a fashion show. I can think of a hundred and one ways the night could have gone wrong if the logistics had not been planned to perfection. From each tiny labeled bag of jewelry for every individual girl for each segment of the show to the correct matching of each model card with the correct dress and accessories to the precise timing of makeup, hair, wardrobe, the pre-show practice walk, and the lineup – everything was structured to-a-t.

Apart from the stress of assuring each model looked stunning and was dressed correctly before strutting onto the runway, the night was magical. I essentially got to experience all of the beauty of a wedding without planning one – or getting married hah. My favorite part was playing with all of the lovely, handmade, authentic floral crowns and headpieces. I may or may not have snatched up a crown of babies breath (my favorite flower) at the end of the night- heh. Ohhh and there were just miles and miles of luxurious silk, lace, and tulle – it really felt like we were in a fairytale.

I had such a blast being backstage... I did a lot of theatre and musicals in high school and always loved the feeling of adrenaline coursing through my veins as I stood in the wings, seconds from walking on stage. While I didn't perform in this show, I definitely experienced the same feeling. There was so much excitement and high-energy backstage, but without the nerves from fear of tripping on the runway thanks to five inch heels and a billowing fifty pound dress (because that totally would have been me...and trust me I would have cried...and then my makeup would be ruined...and then I would have cried more... and black mascara would be all over the white gown...hah...hah).

Overall, it was a beautiful and magical experience and I really hope to be a part of this show again in the future. I hope you enjoy  the dainty, delicate, and fierce moments I captured below! 

My "I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing so I'm just going to smile and pretend" face :)

My "I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing so I'm just going to smile and pretend" face :)

in bloom

in bloom